Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Managers in Chess

Agenda and Annexes for the 80th FIDE Congress are published on the FIDE website. The Congress takes place from 11th to 18th October in Khalkidiki, Greece.

Among many interesting proposals (annexes), we will note one that calls for regulation and certificates for players' managers:

Today there are many people around the world they say that they are manager of professional players. But unfortunately many f them they do not have any idea about all rules of chess or they are not qualified to communicate to make this job in a minimum level properly. Our players are certainly suffered from this and also there are bad examples on this issue that some of those people calling themselves as manager exploiting the carrier and rights of our eminent players due to their lack of professionalism.

Like in football and other sports, it is time to define this function under FIDE regulations and make a certificate after an exam like arbiters, organisers, or trainers.

Full proposal (pdf)

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