Friday, June 04, 2010

Anatoly Karpov interviewed at Poikovsky opening

On the opening day of the Poikovsky chess tournament, Evgeny Surov conducted an interview with Anatoly Karpov, candidate for FIDE Presidency. Full text in Russian is here.

Some important remarks by Karpov:
- The team is not ready, he will reveal only that American lawyer Richard Cohen is candidate for FIDE Deputy President. Kapustin, President of the Ukrainian Chess Federation, is also mentioned.
- The solution for better financial position of the "average" Grandmasters and International Masters will be inclusion into chess education and chess promotional activities.
- Did not want to reveal the potential sponsors, even though this is repeatedly highlighted as very important part of his program.
- Will not change the World Championship system, criticized earlier knockout championships but is in favour of keeping the World Cup. Candidate matches are too short with six games and should be extended.
- On the question about the "destructive connection" with Kasparov, he answered something totally unrelated.
- Criticized Arkady Dvorkovich
- Did not want to say which of his people "are under pressure"
- Did not want to say what will be his first three actions if he is elected FIDE President, - "You will see in my program which will be announced". - Then added: improving the image of FIDE, establishing cooperation with UNESCO and UNICEF, development of youth chess.

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