Monday, August 23, 2010

Ali Nihat Yazici Optimistic About ECU Elections

Ali Nihat Yazici: Feedback? Incredible... Amazing.. we will win this election by a very big margin in the first ballot. We do not underestimate our opponents, both have good teams of nice people, yet it seems that they are starting to attack me personally, lowering the tone of the campaign. Nevertheless, we continue to respect them.
Chessdom: If you win the support of the ECU delegates, what will be your first moves after the election?
Ali Nihat Yazici: We will call an Extraordinary General Assembly in Istanbul early next year. We will cover all expenses for the delegates, and there, we will commence our revolution in budget, structure and procedures. There, we will also formally sign the first €300,000 sponsorship agreement.
Full interview with Ali Nihat Yazici

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