Friday, January 28, 2011

FIDE reply about WWCC 2010

With great surprise I read your letter of 14 January, signed by several players, concerning the conditions of the World Women's Championship 2010 in Antakya.

It is even more surprising that the main accusation, repeatedly mentioned, is that the organisers of the Turkish Chess Federation tried to make money by overcharging the players. I would like to remind that the organisers have provided the full prize fund of the event (450,000 USD) by taking on their own cost the 20% contribution to FIDE and not deducting it from the players. This means that a total of 90,000 USD was offered free to the players by the organisers. Each participant received a bonus starting from 750 USD (for the players who were eliminated in the 1st round) and reaching up to 12,000 USD (for the World Champion). If the organisers wanted to "make more money", wouldn't they simply not offer this bonus?
Full article by FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos

Susan Polgar's opinion

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