Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Nikita Vitiugov about the Candidates

Aronian - Grischuk
Perhaps the most interesting quarter-final match. Although the odds of Levon Aronian's overall victory in this tournament are high enough, this match it will be very difficult. Grischuk's zeitnots will be testing for both players. Given the most powerful coaching team, Aronian's chief advantage will be in the openings. If Grischuk can surprise him in this initial stage, then his chances are not worse. Tiebreaks could be particularly pleasing for the observers as both players are excelling in the fast time controls.

Kamsky - Topalov
Semi-finalists from the previous world championship cycle are both, for different reasons, in the shadow of their younger colleagues. Kamsky played in many massive Swiss tournament, while Topalov just got married and somewhat distanced from practical games. I think the match will be very productive and is likely to end within the regular games, without tiebreak. Naming the favourite is extremely difficult.

Kramnik - Radjabov
Initially, considering Kramnik's huge experience in matches, is looked easy to predict the outcome of this match. However, Kramnik form in the recent times is not so convincing. It is not easy to predict how will Radjabov perform. Strong nerves of the Azerbaijani Grandmaster, coupled with a good opening preparation and short duration of the match, are telling that his chances should not be underestimated. I think the match will be very tense, and its outcome will be determined with one decided game.

Gelfand - Mamedyarov
Gelfand's positive score from their earlier games can turn to be a detriment to either player. It is also unclear how will Mamedyarov's six-months break reflect on his play. Perhaps the most unpredictable match.

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