Monday, May 23, 2011

Shirov wins in Lublin

The 3rd International Grandmasters' Tournament the Lublin Union Memorial took place on 15-21st May in Lublin, Poland. Eight Grandmasters played in the round-robin tournament with the average elo of 2680.

The Lublin Union Memorial events are organized for the purpose of promoting city's candidacy for the status of 2016 European Capital of Culture. GM Boris Grachev was the winner of the first Lublin tournament, while in the second tournament he shared the honours with GM Bartlomiej Macieja and GM Mateusz Bartel.

GM Alexei Shirov did all the work in the first half of the tournament when he scored three victories. By the end he maintained the first place and took the trophy.

Final standings:
1. GM Shirov Alexei, Spain 2709 - 5.0
2-3. GM Grachev Boris, Russia 2669 and GM Zhigalko Sergei, Belarus 2679 - 4.5
4-5. GM Roiz Michael, Israel 2660 and GM Sasikiran Krishnan, India 2676 - 4.0
6-8. GM Socko Bartosz, Poland 2654, GM Wojtaszek Radoslaw, Poland 2721 and GM Alekseev Evgeny, Russia 2673 - 2.0

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