Tuesday, June 07, 2011

3rd SP Masters Series

The 3rd blitz tournament in the SP Masters Series will take place Tuesday, 7th June, at the Esporte Clube Pinheiros in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Twelve players take part in the event with the time control 3min+2sec.

SP Masters Series is a premier monthly tournament, always held on Tuesdays and at the same time (20:00 Sao Paulo time, GMT -03:00). Open qualifiers provide opportunity for amateur players to enter the prestigious Masters' lineup.

The 1st tournament in the Series was played on 12th April when GM Alexandr Fier won in impressive fashion. GM Krikor Mekhitarian won the second tournament.

List of players for the 3rd SP Masters Series:
1. GM Giovanni Vescovi (2634)
2. GM José Cubas (2505)
3. GM Krikor Mekhitarian (2499)
4. GM Everaldo Matsuura (2480)
5. MI Herman C. Van Riemsdijk (2403)
6. MI Marcus V. Santos (2345)
7. MI Edson Tsuboi (2357)
8. MF Luiz Abdalla (2289)
9. Renato Quintiliano (2259)
10. Jefferson Oliveira (2256)
11. Vinicius Catozzo (2036)
12. Bernardo Sztokbant (2001)

In keeping track with the modern technology, a live video relay for all four boards will be provided on the livestream website. Livestream also has a chat feature, allowing the spectators to talk about the games freely. Results will be posted on the official website.

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