Monday, June 27, 2011

GM Henkin wins HSG Open in Hilversum

The 6th HSG Open 2011 was held on 24-26th June in Hilversum, Netherlands. The players were divided in two Groups, Open A for those rated over 1850 and Open B for U1900. Both tournament were played over six rounds of Swiss pairings, with two games per day.

After suffering a hit from the financial crisis and retirement of the long-time sponsor Joop van Oosterom, the tournament was reduced to only three playing days and the main prize went down from 3000 EUR to 1250 EUR. But the most important is that the tradition survives.

Four players shared the first place with 5.0 points each - Grandmasters Igor Khenkin (GER 2620), Predrag Nikolic (BIH 2630) and Alexandre Dgebuadze (BEL 2521), and the biggest surprise of the tournament, Nico Zwirs. GM Khenkin was declared winner, but the money prizes were split, so each of them earned 675 EUR. 44 players took part in Open A.

Open B featured 45 participants. Tobi Kooiman is the sole winner having collected five points.

Earlier winners of the HSG Open:
Karel van der Weide (2006)
Humpy Koneru (2007)
Anish Giri (2008)
Daniel Fridman (2009)
Friso Nijboer (2010)

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