Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gibraltar Chess Festival 2012

The 2012 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival is set to take place from 23rd January to 2nd February 2012 at the Caleta Hotel in Gibraltar. The main event of the Festival will be the 10-round Masters tournament from 24th January. Already 25 strong Grandmasters are signed to participate (list bellow).

In addition, there will be the 1st Amateurs and Challengers events from 23rd to 27th January, the 2nd Amateurs and Challengers from 28th January to 1st February, two evening blitz events and Master classes with elite players.

Prize money has been increased to an amazing £155,000. There is to be a further prize of £5,000 to celebrate the HM Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee – it will be awarded to the top scoring player from a Commonwealth country.

Top three prizes in Masters: £20,000 – £12,000 – £10,000;
Top three female awards: £10,000 – £7,000 – £5,000;
Top three prizes in Challengers: £2,000 – £1,250 – £750;
Top three prizes in Amateurs: £1,000 – £800 – £600.
Full prize list

Leading confirmed entries for the 2012 Tradewise Gibraltar Masters as of 20th July (July ratings listed):
ALMASI, Zoltan, 2726g, (HUN); VACHIER-LAGRAVE, Maxime , 2722g, (FRA); ADAMS, Michael, 2715g, (ENG); SHIROV, Alexei, 2714g, (ESP); POLGAR, Judith, 2699g, (HUN); SHORT, Nigel, 2687g, (ENG); BOLOGAN, Victor, 2678g, (MDA); ONISCHUK, Alexander, 2675g, (USA); FRIDMAN, Daniel, 2659g, (GER); EDOUARD, Romain, 2587g, (FRA); YIFAN, Hou, 2575g, (CHN); KOSINTSEVA, Nadezhda, 2560g, (RUS); ROBSON, Ray, 2560g, (USA); KOSINTSEVA, Tatiana, 2557g, (RUS); KORCHNOI, Viktor, 2553g, (SUI); MUZYCHUK, Anna, 2538m, (SLO); DZAGNIDZE, Nana, 2537g, (GEO); STEFANOVA, Antoaneta, 2524g, (BUL); ZATONSKIH, Anna, 2522m, (USA); KRUSH, Irina, 2486m, (USA); CHEN, Zhu, 2485g, (QAT); CRAMLING, Pia, 2472g, (SWE); MUZYCHUK, Mariya, 2469m, (UKR); BELLON LOPEZ, Juan Manuel, 2420g, (ESP); HOUSKA, Jovanka, 2418m, (ENG).

The 2011 Gibraltar Masters was won by GM Vassily Ivanchuk.

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