Friday, September 09, 2011

GM Jan Markos Simul on

Currently the best player in Slovakia, Grand Master Jan Markos (FIDE rating: 2596) has accepted the offer of He is going to play regular simultaneous exhibitions on the website. The simuls will take place every Tuesday at 17:00 GMT and are open to anybody. Every week, 6 simultaneous games will be played.

Every registered user of is eligible to try his best to gain one of the six tickets to try out his/her skills against the famed Grand Master. Prospective attendees can register at in the Tournaments section. After registrations, qualification pre-tournament will be held, from which six best players will arise. They will be the challengers of GM Jan Markos.

The first simul is about to be held on next Tuesday, 13/9/2011. Qualification tournament is taking place on Monday the 12th. After 9 rounds of 5-minutes battles, the best players will receive their tickets. There are still 3 players' and 3 substitute tickets available.

The Grandmaster plays white, and players will have 30 minutes on hand to play their moves. is an innovative online chess website, providing both AI and Player-to-Player games, chess tournaments and simultaneous exhibitions. It also provides easily implemented chess interfaces for other websites.

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