Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oliver Barbosa Interviewed

Chessdom: How would you describe your playing style? Which game do you consider to be your best?

Oliver Barbosa: I started chess with mostly blitz games and tactical openings but as I matured and lost a lot of games tactically, it was a perfect timing to be handled by then NM (but now GM) Bong Villamayor. I was able to absorb his analytical abilities and judgment in positions and slowly in most of my games from then I can see my play to be positional but of course I don’t skip tactics and puzzles everyday.

My best game for this tournament I think is my game against Goh Wei Ming on the first round. I sensed that he was fully prepared against the line I played (which I didn’t review that day before our game) so just in the opening I played a different line I haven’t fully finished studying. I managed to have space advantage in the opening and as he was trying to concentrate on move c5 which would free his pieces, I decided that my play should be directed to attacking on the kingside. I made some accurate moves during my attack and due to time trouble he blundered in the end.
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