Saturday, October 15, 2011

Alexander Morozevich interviewed in Saratov

Sergey Skvoznyakov and Alexey Vetrov interviewed Alexander Morozevich, the convincing leader of the Saratov Governor's Cup. Excerpt bellow, full interview here (in Russian).

Q: How did you become a coach in Qatar? On whose initiative? Unless, of course, it's a secret.

A: No no, it's not a secret. The invitation came from the Qatari Olympic Committee. There was a vacancy for the coaching position, and I was in specific mood: not ready yet to play chess, but just sitting at home would be boring. I needed something in between, and so I accepted the call.

Q: Do you think the Russian national team should be permanent, or rotation of the players is desirable?

A: Rotation is possible. But, in my opinion, there should be a balance in including young players together with the more experienced members.

Q: In this case, what do you think about following scenario: the strongest lineup to be sent to the Chess Olympiad and World Championships, and in the European Championship to have the young, promising players competing in order to prepare them for the future?

A: First of all, this is a question for the management of the Russian Chess Federation. But personally, I believe that Russia is not spoiled by the great number of medals, so the European Championship should not be regarded as a training ground. There are that many good tournaments, and the young and talented guys have a lot of opportunities to gain experience.

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