Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Indonesia Open Chess Championship - Round 7

The 2011 Indonesia Open Chess Championship is taking place from 13th to 19th October at the Le Meredien Hotel in Jakarta. 80 players compete in the 9-round Swiss tournament.

The generous prize fund amounts to 55.500 USD, with 10.000 USD reserved for the winner.

The Monday leaders GM Oliver Barbosa of Philippines and top seeded GM Wang Yue of China made a draw on the first board and preserved the top positions, where they are now joined by a larger group of players.

Grandmasters Ganguly Surya Shekhar, Vladislav Tkachiev, Li Chao b and Sandro Mareco all won in the 7th round and caught up on the shared first place with 5.5 points each.

The 8th round takes place16:30 local time.

Round 7 standings:
1-6. GM Barbosa Oliver PHI 2538, GM Wang Yue CHN 2716, GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar IND 2631, GM Tkachiev Vladislav FRA 2631, GM Li Chao b CHN 2710 and GM Mareco Sandro ARG 2597 - 5.5
7-11. GM Megaranto Susanto INA 2530, GM So Wesley PHI 2655, GM Dreev Aleksey RUS 2711, IM Bitoon Richard PHI 2504 and IM Ahmadinia Ebrahim IRI 2430 - 5.0
12-22. IM Nguyen Van Huy VIE 2449, GM Kotanjian Tigran ARM 2546, GM Paragua Mark PHI 2533, GM Dao Thien Hai VIE 2493, GM Gomez John Paul PHI 2514, GM Cao Sang VIE 2529, GM Antonio Rogelio Jr PHI 2564, GM Fier Alexander BRA 2583, GM Laylo PHI 2534, WGM Pokorna Regina SVK 2359 and GM Zhao Jun CHN 2587 - 4.5 etc

Round 8 top pairings:
GM Li Chao b 2710 - GM Wang Yue 2716
GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar 2631 - GM Tkachiev Vladislav 2631
GM Mareco Sandro 2597 - GM Barbosa Oliver 2538
IM Ahmadinia Ebrahim 2430 - GM Dreev Aleksey 2711
GM Megaranto Susanto 2530 - IM Bitoon Richard 2504
GM Antonio Rogelio Jr 2564 - GM So Wesley 2655
GM Gomez John Paul 2514 - GM Zhao Jun 2587
GM Dao Thien Hai 2493 - GM Fier Alexander 2583
GM Kotanjian Tigran 2546 - GM Cao Sang 2529
GM Laylo 2534 WGM - Pokorna Regina 2359
IM Nguyen Van Huy 2449 - GM Paragua Mark 2533

Update: Li Chao b Claims Indonesia Open Chess Championship

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