Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Whining according to Sergey Tiviakov

The naturalized Dutch Grandmaster continues to play in the tournaments all over the globe, usually picking top prizes, visiting museums and sending photo reports to Chessbase.

After returning from Bogota and the 2nd Jahv McGregor de Ajedrez ITT, Tiviakov bashed the organizers in his "museum report".

His main complaint had been that the playing conditions were terrible. This is probably a valid argument as players and organizers are constantly trying to improve the comfort for the participants in the tournaments.

However, does Tiviakov, who already played in Bogota last year and took the 1st prize, hold the right to attack Orlando Ruiz and others? Did he pay for the hotel, food and airfare himself? If yes, an apology note will be attached. Otherwise, the players who bore their own expenses are actually entitled to complain about the hospitality.

His attitude becomes even more annoying in the second part of the article where he "protests the absurdity" of the tie-break criteria. The mathematics is probably solid, but ultimately the organizers who put the money into event should make the order of the criteria at their discretion.

Wow, Lazaro Bruzon, who "played badly in one game"(!), robbed Tiviakov of 1000 USD!

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