Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hou Yifan defeats Alexei Shirov!

Women World Champion Hou Yifan Hou continues the dream run at the Gibraltar Chess Masters as she scored another huge victory, this time against the world top class GM Alexei Shirov!

Earlier Yifan won against other higher rated players, Judit Polgar and Le Quang Liem.

Despite being black, Yifan bravely entered one of the sharpest openings known - Sicilian Naidorf Poisoned Pawn. Shirov is renowned for his tactical skills as well as the perfect endgame technique.

But Yifan first neutralised white's initiative, and then outplayed Shirov in a tricky Rook endgame.

Yifan is now entering the final round as sole leader in the tournament. Follow the live games with computer analysis from 11:00 CET Thursday.

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