Monday, June 25, 2012

Georgian players dominate in New York International Chess Tournament

The 5th New York International Chess Tournament, organized by the historic Marshall Chess Club, was held on 20-24th June, 2012, at the Manhattan Campus of St. John’s University in the heart of downtown Manhattan.

(A) FIDE Norm Tournament was open to all players rated 2200 or above (USCF or FIDE) and special invitees. 9 rounds, Swiss System, 40/90, SD/30, 30 second increment. 72 players competed.

Final standings:
1-2. GM TAMAZ GELASHVILI and GM GIORGI KACHEISHVILI 2598 - 7.0 (3750.00 USD each)
3-5. GM MIKHEIL KEKELIDZE 2494, IM DARWIN YANG 2476 (2nd GM Norm) and FM VICTOR C SHEN 2333 (Final IM Norm, 1st GM Norm) - 6.5 (1166.67 USD each)
6-10. GM IVAN IVANISEVIC 2655, IM MARC TYLER ARNOLD 2528, IM ZHE QUAN 2424, FM THOMAS BARTELL 2369 (750.00 USD, 1st IM Norm) and ADARSH JAYAKUMAR 2267 (750.00 USD, 2nd IM Norm) - 6.0 etc

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