Sunday, July 01, 2012

Branding Chess

Leading design agency Pentagram has been hired to rebrand the World Chess Championships, after the World Chess Federation (FIDE) accorded the commercial rights to the sport to technology entrepreneur Andrew Paulson.

AGON, the company set up to administer the commercial activities of World Chess, has briefed Pentagram to position the sport as a global entertainment form that encompasses the interactive potential of the internet and mobile technology.

The championship games will be broadcast live on the internet, on iPads and on smartphones. A range of apps will allow fans to follow the championships on all the major social media platforms. Mr Paulson is also negotiating with global cable television channels for highlights coverage on living room television sets.

There are 605 million chess players worldwide, of which 43.8 million are in the US, but the sport is so far a clean slate in terms of advertising. Mr Paulson is looking for six brand partners to “professionalise and enliven” the sport.
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