Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kasparov's attack on Anand had a Fide link

World champion Viswanathan Anand’s refusal to support former champion Anatoly Karpov and, thereby, take sides in the heat-generating 2010 Federation Internationale des Echecs (Fide) elections led to Garry Kasparov attacking him during the recent championship duel against Boris Gelfand.

That, at least, is Anand’s belief.

"The attack was on purpose... Kasparov and I had a slight falling out in 2010, when he’d expected me to support Karpov. I didn’t take sides... So, it was his way of paying me back,” Anand told The Telegraph on Friday, before returning to Chennai after being felicitated by the West Bengal government.

In what was most unusual, Kasparov tore into Anand, now the world champion five times, saying he lacked ideas. At a press conference, he also remarked “you (the media) should be disappointed with Anand’s play..."
Read the full article in The Telegraph

Back in Europe, the Croatian National TV (HRT) reports that Kasparov will be the Croatian Chess Federation delegate in the FIDE Congress in Istanbul.

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