Monday, March 04, 2013

Empire Chess DVDs (volume 1-5 pack)

The first five discs from Chessdom’s Empire Chess DVD series are now all published. GM Leonid Kritz, GM Eugene Perelshteyn, and GM Damian Lemos now have ready for you hours of strong chess tactics and opening preparation.

The series include:
1. Dominate With the Slav Defense, Chameleon Variation (GM Leonid Kritz)
2. Dominate White with the King´s Indian Defense 6. …Na6 System (GM Eugene Perelshteyn)
3. Crushing White: The French Defense (GM Damian Lemos)
4. Crushing White: The Nimzo-Indian Defense (GM Damian Lemos)
5. Crushing White: The Bogo-Indian Defense (GM Damian Lemos)

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