Sunday, April 14, 2013

Svidler to replace Kramnik in Norway Chess

The official website of the Norway Chess Tournament 2013 informed that Vladimir Kramnik will no longer be part of the line-up in the strong event, and that he will be replaced by Peter Svidler.

The organizers mentioned that they “received a nice letter from the Russian Chess Federation where they politely asked that we let Kramnik cancel their contract with us because of his very busy schedule this spring”. earlier had a statement from Kramnik: "The Russian Chess Federation wants to see me playing in Tal Memorial, apart from that there also be something else taking place in May for which I should be in Russia. I know that now Norway and the RCF are negotiating to let me skip that tournament. It should be mentioned that RCF has seriously helped me with the preparation for the Candidates. It paid for everything and the preparation wasn't cheap at all. So, I partly feel to be obliged to the federation. I heard that they found some consensus, but I don't know the details. So, if the organizers of the tournament will let me to skip the tournament - I will do so."

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