Friday, May 03, 2013

Women's World Championship Match 2013

Chessdom announced that the Women’s World Championship Match 2013 between the reigning World Champion Anna Ushenina (Ukraine) and her challenger Hou Yifan (China) will be organized by the FIDE and Chinese Chess Association on 10-27 September 2013, in the city of Taizhou, China.

The winner of the FWWCM 2013 will be declared Women’s World Champion for the period 2013-2014. Hou Yifan, who already was World Champion on 2010-2012, qualified from the FIDE Women’s Grand-Prix 2011-2012.

The match will consist of 10 classical games and if necessary, tie-break games. The time control will be 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one.

The prize fund is at least 200,000 EUR net.

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