Monday, July 29, 2013

Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting - Round 3

Michael Adams defeated Fabiano Caruana to move into the sole lead in Dortmund tournament with 2,5/3 points.

The other four games of the round were drawn.

The second win in a row put Adams ahead of the rest of the field. Vladimir Kramnik and Georg Meier are half a point behind.

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Round 3 standings:
1. Adams 2.5; 2-3. Kramnik, Meier 2; 4-7. Khenkin, Leko, Caruana, Wang Hao 1.5; 8-9. Fridman, Naiditsch 1; 10.Andreikin 0.5.

Round 4 pairings:
Leko-Adams, Naiditsch-Andreikin, Wang Hao-Caruana, Khenkin-Fridman, Meier-Kramnik

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