Thursday, August 01, 2013

Iowa Open on August 24-25

The Iowa Open is coming soon. IM Angelo Young and IM Michael Brooks have both committed to playing. FM Awonder Liang (Former U8 World Champion) has also signed up.

There are several other highly rated players that are coming including last year Iowa Open co-champ Prashantha Amarasinghe, Iowa State Co-Champs Dan Brashaw and Byambatsogt Tumurkhuu.

How about adding your name to this list? One of our goals this year is to get 150 people to come out and play in one of the 3 sections. The Open, the Reserve, and the Rated Beginner's Open.

Don't forget we also have the Iowa State Quick Chess Championship on Friday August 23 too.

See the tournaments section for the details. Feel free to contact me with any questions. or 319-321-5435.

Mark Capron

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