Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Chess Olympiad Tromso records 474k EUR minus

Sjakk-OL (Chess Olympiad Tromso 2014) is in the final stages of summarizing the accounts and reports before the company is closed by the end of February.

iTromso writes that the company will report to the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, municipalities and counties, and the entire archive will be handed to Tromso Municipal Archives.

The preliminary accounts show that Chess Olympiad Tromso 2014 recorded an overall deficit of 4,1 million NOK (474,000 EUR), approximately 3 percent of the total budget for the event.

The state was by far the biggest financial contributor to the event, with around 87 million NOK (10 million EUR).

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ProjectResolute said...

That was a lot of money to host a chess event! Maybe I should become a grandmaster!