Monday, January 02, 2006

Italian Shame

About one week ago I was reading TWIC site and saw the lineup for Reggio Emilia tournament. GM Igor Miladinovic (SCG 2607 ) and Ivan Ivanisevic (SCG 2588) were announced as top seeds. You can imagine my surprise when I saw GM Landa and GM Kotronias replaced them. Not a single word about the switch on the official site or TWIC. This is also first tournament dedicated to the memory of the late GM Enrico Paoli.

30 mins ago I was talking with GM Ivanisevic and asked what happened. He said Italian embassy simply declined to issue visa for him and Igor. With no clarification. Was there a time pressure or late application? No, they did everything on time, more then 30 days before the tournament started. I will not report about this tournament, if you are interested, visit TWIC site.

Referring to top chessplayers as with terrorists. Shame on you!

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