Sunday, January 01, 2006

14th International Donau-Open

IM Sasha Belezky drove my attention to this tournament. I was complaining how hard is to find information about chess events in Germany (they have at least one tourney every week) and then while googling "Aschach an der Donau" (name he gave me) I found nice list of tournaments on Zeitschrift Schach website.

Aschach an der Donau was held on 26th-31st December. It had 78 participants fighting during the 7 rounds of Swiss pairing system.

Final standings:
1. IM Gyorkos Lajos (2424 HUN) 6 points
2-6. IM Butunoi Alexandru (2418 ROM), IM Tratar Marko (2440 SLO), IM Szuhanek Ranko (2444 ROM), Havlik Jan (2218 CZE) and GM Balinov Ilia (2431 AUT) 5,5
7-11. GM Lau Ralf (2467 GER), IM Jurek Josef (2373 CZE), GM Pavasovic Dusko (2527 SLO), IM Belezky Sasha (2364 UKR) and FM Schneider-Zinner Harald (2365 AUT) 5 points etc.

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