Monday, June 26, 2006

Underground Q&A column

GM Larry Evans will continue to write and publish his Q&A column. One of the places to read will be Evans on Chess section on WorldChessNetwork.

Chess Life abruptly cancelled Evans On Chess in June 2006 on the grounds that the magazine no longer requires a Q&A column. Here is the one the USCF paid for in June but did not use. More rejected columns will appear in coming months. The new editor, recently interviewed in THE CHESS JOURNALIST, said that cutting several regular monthly columnists will free up space for more features. Like what? He cited an article on "women in correspondence chess" as his vision of what might interest readers.

And here is an interesting quote from his latest Q&A article:
In a preface to Viktor Korchnoi's MY BEST GAMES (Vol. 1) GM Genna Sosonko mentions a 1963 simul where an official told Korchno before the game: "Che Guevara loves chess passionately, but he is a rather weak player. He would be extremely happy to draw against you." Later Tal asked what happened. "I won them all," said Korchnoi. "Against Che Guevara, too?" inquired Tal. "Yes, he doesn't have the faintest idea what to do against the Catalan."

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