Monday, July 31, 2006

10th Chess Festival "The Battle of Senta 1697"

The Chess Festival took place on July 21st-30th in Senta, northern Serbia. Events included: Main "A" tournament, unrated "B" group, blitz and rapid tournaments (both held on July 24th), kids rapid and woman rapid tournament.

IM Misa Pap is the winner of the main tournament with 7.5 points out of 9 rounds. In 8th round he has defeated previous leader GM Miodrag Savic with black pieces, and it proved to be decicive moment since all top games in round 9 were drawn.

"A" group final standings (144 players):
1. IM Misa Pap (2409) 7.5
2-3. GM Miodrag Savic (2518) and IM Branko Tadic (2487) 7.0
4-11. GM Vladimir Kostic (2433), IM Miroslav Miljkovic (2399), IM Nikola Ostojic (2416), IM Slobo Vratonjic (2465), IM Zoran Arsovic (2441), Mirko Mamuzic (2233), FM Zoltan Simonyi (2239) and Nikola D. Nestorovic (2353) with 6.0 etc

IM Misa Pap IM Misa Pap

Winner of the "B" group was German player Martin Seifert who scored 8.0 points out of 9 rounds.

"B" group final standings:
1. Martin Seifert 8.0
2. Velibor Trajkovic 7.5
3-5 Mihalj Ujhazi, Janos Csomos and Ferenc Mester 6.5 etc

Blitz tournament final standings:
1-2. GM Milos Perunovic (2526) and GM Vladimir Kostic (2433) with 7.5 out of 9 rounds
3-7. GM Goran Cabrilo (2461), GM Miodrag Savic (2518), IM Miroslav Miljkovic (2399), IM Radovan Govedarica (2415) and Imre Balog (2265) with 7.0 etc

GM Milos Perunovic GM Milos Perunovic

Rapid tournament final standings:
1-2. GM Dusan Popovic (2533) and GM Miodrag Savic (2518) 7.5/9
3-7. GM Milos Perunovic (2526), IM Viktor Erdos (2528), GM Vladimir Kostic (2433), IM Nikola Ostojic (2416) and IM Miroslav Miljkovic (2399) with 7.0 (136 participants)

Image Hosted by
GM Dusan Popovic

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