Monday, July 31, 2006

Back from Senta

After 7 hours in bus and train at 34 degrees, Bogdan Girmacea and I have finally reached my home in Cuprija. Personally, the most important event for me in Senta was that I have met my colleague Bogdan (also WCN Admin) in person. We had great time together over the last 10 days and my spoken english has significantly improved. Like I was told before the tournament, the hospitality is great and the organizers did their best to make chessplayers feeling at home. In total, more then 300 players took participation in different events during the 10-days festival. WorldChessNetwork has awarded them all with 4 months of gold membership on the playing site.

As for my play, the main impression is that I was unable to win a game; scoring 2 wins, 5 draws! (all played) and 2 losses (both to IMs), losing 9 rating points. I will analyze the games later. Bogdan marked the tournament with the highest rating jump - 55 points. Results and standings in next post...

Bogdan on the right (yes, that's a tongue)


Anonymous said...

I see you have played in Senta. I hope to play in this year's Battle Of Senta 1697 tournament. I will be flying from London, presumably to Belgrade? I understand I can't get a train and a taxi would be to much; are buses easy to catch?
Thanks for any advice.
Tim Spanton
Fide 2030

Milan Lee said...

Hi Tim,
my friend Goran played in Senta. From airport you can catch JAT bus, second or third stop is Belgrade central bus station. There are about five buses daily, Belgrade-Senta, it's about 3 hours drive. All this could be 15-20 EUR. Exact hours can be found at, you need option 'Polasci' and type Senta in the box. Alternatively, you can fly to Timisoara or Budapest, which could be cheaper. But then make sure to contact the organizers and ask about options. Perhaps bus Budapest-Subotica, and ask Senta people to arrange transportation from there.
There are two connected open tournaments in Serbia, Paracin 9-16th July, then Senta, maybe you can play both?
Hope this helps