Sunday, August 20, 2006

British Chess Championship 2006

Scottish GM Jonathan Rowson won the British Chess Championship for the third consecutive time. Rowson had slow start but other contenders were making quick draws in the last three rounds and he used his opportunity.

Final standings:
1. Rowson Jonathan W SCO g 2579 8.5
2. Arakhamia-Grant Ketevan GEO m 2427 8.0
3-6. Gormally Daniel ENG g 2513, Hebden Mark ENG g 2532, Jones Gawain C ENG m 2416 and Parker Jonathan F ENG g 2509 7.5 points
7-13. Davies Nigel R ENG g 2512, Haslinger Stewart G ENG m 2423, Lalic Bogdan CRO g 2488, Palliser Richard JD ENG m 2413, Pert Nicholas ENG g 2503, Pert Richard ENG m 2445 and Ward Chris G ENG g 2461 with 7.0 points etc (62 participants)

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