Saturday, August 19, 2006

Enter on Small Doors

Canadian IM Lawrence Day, who is currently playing at the 4th Howard Staunton Memorial, is offering interesting plan for infiltration:

Here it is now, 3:04 AM Toronto time. On the TV the CBC is downright annoying on channel 6. There are colour bars and a one note drone which will undoubtably bore everyone except the acid heads.
File under 'empty'.
Moving upchannel, past the dramatic yank reruns, evangelical panhandling and dial-900 chicks in bikinis, one comes to CBC Francais which is audially pleasant, old 18th-century classical music of the predictability that plants like, but visually pretty empty, a loop of tommorow's programming
that stultifies after second time around.

HO! Here is an opportunity for chess to invade. Why just have a blank rust-coloured background when a copyright-free chess database could be showing games in the emptiness. No explanation or commentary is necessary; maybe one credit at the beginning and end, saying: these were chess games from New York, 1924 or Boris Spassky in 1960 or the recent Canadian Open. So-and-so vs so-and-so, the packaging minimal, chess games going by like a screensaver, and with Mozart conniving along to enhance youthful intelligence, open plant's leaf pores, and evade senior's alzheimer use-it-or-lose-it syndrome.

Aside from me today, not that many are up at now 3:36 AM but due to VCR technology that doesn't matter. The door is unlocked.

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