Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mihajlo Stojanovic to play in Sydney

Following the links in TCG's post, I noticed IM Mihajlo Stojanovic 2556 in the Sydney Open entries list. It's very rare for Serbian player to play chess tourney in Australia so I asked my fellow from junior tournaments how did this happen. Since Mihajlo is currently playing and teaching in Switzerland, we used Skype to talk about it (Mihajlo talked, I typed because of crappy connection). He saw the information on TWIC listing and emailed the organizers out of pure curiosity. People from Sydney were very professional, quickly securing Mihajlo's participation and even arranged some chess classes for Australian players.

I myself, preparing a "big" comeback after 3 years of break, will have training session with Mihajlo when he's back to Serbia in December. This is good opportunity to share some of the impressive details from his CV.

Tournament achievements:
2006 Forchheim Open, Germany - 1st place
2006 Scalea Open, Italy - 2nd
2006 Summer Cup, Pieria, Greece - tied 1st
2006 Blitz Championship of Serbia, Topola - 1st
2006 Verona, Italy - 2nd
2005 Phonak Schach Open, Switzerland - 1st
2005 Open de la Gruyere, Switzerland - 1st
Winner of mutliple junior championships of Serbia and Yugoslavia
Multiple titles in team events etc

Coaching achievemnts:
2006 Trainer of national teams of Serbia and Montenegro for Turin Chess Olympiad
2005 Lecturer on chess courses in Italy and Switzerland
2005 Licence of FIDE Trainer
2005 Official trainer of the talented cadets of the Serbian Chess Federation
2002-2005 Coaching Mihajlo Milisavljevic, Serbian U10 champion
1996-2005 Co-work with GM Ivan Ivanisevic, Serbian top grandmaster
2004 Second of WGM Ekatarina Korbut
2004 Coaching WGM Ana Benderac, Serbian top female player
2004 Co-work with GM Nikola Sedlak etc

Mihajlo was also chairman of Valjevo Chess Club and host of a TV show "The world of chess".

Sydney International Open will be held on 10th-14th April 2007. This is good chance for Aussie players to consider taking classes from Mihajlo. His email address is This was friendly advertisement, if it works well, I might be encouraged to jump into marketing waters :-)

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GM & FT Mihajlo rocks!