Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kramnik and Topalov to play in the same team

If this really happens, who will be on board one? Chess club "Sveti Nikolaj" from Valjevo in central Serbia is negotiating with Vladimir Kramnik to join the club in its chase after 2007 European Club Cup. Team captain Milan Bozic confirmed that Veselin Topalov and Anatoly Karpov are already their members.

Branko Damljanovic (2595) and Ivan Ivanisevic (2579), 2nd and 3rd on Serbian rating list, have also signed contracts with VSK "Sveti Nikolaj". Together with old residents Viorel Iordachescu (2564), Mihajlo Stojanovic (2556), Dragoljub Velimirovic (2459), Borko Lajthajm (2519), Milan Bozic (2401) and Nenad Popovic (2262) they make respectable force.

Source: "Blic"

Update: I spoke with Milan Bozic and he confirmed that Kramnik and Topalov will play in the same team if "Sveti Nikolaj" gets wildcard for the European Club Cup. He didn't want to speculate who will be on the 1st board if they get to play in the same round. Anatoly Karpov signed the contract and he will play a simul in Valjevo on 24th December.


Tom Chivers said...

Would they have to share a bathroom?

acirce said...

Heh heh... prepare for tons of clever jokes about this...