Sunday, December 10, 2006

J'adoubie Nominations

Jim from The J'adoubie Awards Committee has posted categories and nominations for the annual J'adoubies awards.

Michael Goeller has nominated GM Danny Gormally for as many as four categories: J'ahad, J'aDOH, J'adore and J'ahaha.

Temposchlucker has nominated Susan Polgar in J'adEGO category - for the vainest chess personality. The reason was "having more pictures of herself on her website than Paris Hilton has casual sex encounters".

The J'adoubie-doo-bee-doo is awarded to the biggest whiner in the chess world because they sound like howling cats in the alley. Tom Chivers has nominated Chessbase, "for their rave anthems about Deep Fritz that boom out loud and clear all across their front page".

Read the entire article as Knights Errant continue to post their favorites.

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