Sunday, December 10, 2006

Topalov Ready for Rematch

From Topalov fan website:

Topalov, Danailov, and Ginchev helped the rumors spread even more by saying that they will present the documents for a return match with Kramnik in a week. Danailov says that the FIDE central expects the official documents and that the match is supposed to take place in April.

The Spanish ABC cites Topalov on the posibility of a return match with Kramnik. Veselin sounds quiet sceptic on the issue, "Everybody knows that something was not ok with Kramnik’s bathroom. Everybody knows Maradona scored with his hand in the final and nobody took away the title from Argentina."


Anonymous said...

Topalov, stop it. Stop talking. Shut up, go home and get on the bike.

-Seth Xoma

Anonymous said...

I think the quote might read "Veselin sounds quite _septic_ on the issue." New in Chess has a good article on Kramnik's perspective, and some asides (in another article) by Kasparov about the likelihood of a rematch.