Sunday, December 17, 2006

WCN Masters Tournament!

The tradition of the best internet blitz tournament continues after one year of break. Chess players around the world are invited to play or watch. Friday is "Gold for a Day" on WorldChessNetwork, when all players have access to all features.

We are pleased to invite all players over 2300 to join us this Friday December 22nd @ 15:00 est to give it a try.

Prizes = $400!

First prize is $250 USD
Second one $100 USD
and third $50 USD.

Note that this event uses the Swiss pairing system, and will last 12 Rounds. Should you be disconnected during your game, your clock will continue to run. The time control of each game is 3 minutes per player. All games are rated.

We do have monitors reviewing the games to ensure play is fair. You are not permitted to use chess programs at any time on WCN. Note that we will forfeit players we suspect of doing so, at our discretion. If your internet connection is unstable, and you are being frequently disconnected, you may be removed from the tournament. You may also be removed if your lag becomes unreasonable. A lag value less than 600 ms is allowed. Please do not initiate immediate draws at the start of a game. The spirit of
the WCN Masters tournament is to showcase you as a top player, battling for a victory each game. Drawn games without any moves may result in being disqualified from cash prizes. If a Site Professional wins a cash prize, it will be added to their monthly
pay report.

If a non-Site Professional wins a cash prize, we will be contacting you by email to confirm delivery details. You can also contact Julie Trottier at

Should two players tie for first, both split the cash prize. However, we will then ask for a "Best of 7" 1-minute match between the two players to determine the title of "WCN Champion".

Should more than two players tie for first, all tied players split the cash prize. No further games result.

Winners of the WCN Masters Tournament can also request their prize to be converted into WCN Crowns. Each Crown = $1 and they can be used to purchase Memberships or Lessons.

To join the WCN Masters Tournament:

Please log in to WCN @ 14:30 est Friday, December 22nd
Click Play - Tournaments - WCN Masters Tournament

The best of Luck!

Tournament Managers
Julie Trottier & Lena Brusilovski

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