Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ajedrez Villa de Benidorm

The XX Open Internacional de Ajedrez Villa de Benidorm 2007 will be held on April 22-May 1st in Benidorm, Spain. 29.000 Euros are for grabs, first prize is 3.000. 10 rounds will be played with time control 90 min + 30 sec/move for the entire game.

Entry fees range between 20-50 Euros.

Grandmasters registered so far: Kevin Spraggett (CAN 2631), Merab Gagunashvili (GEO 2611), Mikheil Mchedlishvili (GEO 2583), Aleksa Strikovic (SRB 2557), Jose Manuel Lopez (ESP 2550), Boris Chatalbashev (BUL 2541), Alojzije Jankovic (CRO 2541), Luis Galego (ESP 2537), Marc Narciso (ESP 2537), Mihai Suba (ROM 2537) ...

Final Benidorm Report

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