Saturday, April 07, 2007

Performance Art or Bloody Sport

"A murky, senseless and totalitarian future. A strange story in a world out of phase. A world championship of chess boxing, a violent biathlon where a boxing match and a game of chess follow one another. A ring which looks like a chessboard. In front of a wide screen, a dumbfounded audience who watches a merciless fight between two demi-gods, whose faces are covered with plasters..."

Opening tonight at CafĂ© Dune on 18th avenue Claude Vellefaux, Paris. Chess boxing event by Utopiales production (International Science-fiction Festival of Nantes), in association with La Maison d’Ailleurs (Museum of science-fiction, utopia and extraordinary journeys). With the contribution of Casterman publishing house, Next Film photolab, and

Can't wait to see the report...

Le Chess Boxing

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