Thursday, May 24, 2007

Empty Promises

Right at the end of Topalov-Kramnik match, a 2007 World Championship website has been announced. What has attracted my attention is awful design.

I don't know about the latest surveys, but we can estimate that some 25 percent of internet users are still cruising on dial-up. Right on the homepage they are welcomed with the heavy and noisy flash. The images are huge and unutilized. Website is breaking basic laws of the internet usability and I believe the multi-million investors have deserved better presentation.

Browsing further through the pages reveals poor information and tables presented in .jpg format. Particularly bad is this one of 121 KB. Going back to the announcement, we read "an entire year of tournaments and events offline and on" – I haven't found any of them. "Real media relations, imagine!" – The emails I have sent to Director de Operaciones and Press department are left without reply. Few months ago I have also signed up "for news and things", but never received anything from them.

A big warning to the Grand Slam Chess Association, be careful what you do.

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