Friday, June 01, 2007

Felix Cup 2007

Felix Cup 2007 took place on May 25-31 in Baile Felix, Romania. The tournament is part of the great Romanian Chess Grand Prix 2007. Prize fund 3.500 Euros in cash and 3.000 Euros in objects. Organizers have provided individual conditions for GMs and IMs.

Final results:
1-10. IM Mihai-Lucian Grunberg (ROM 2442), IM Francisc Nemeth (ROM 2430), GM Alin Berescu (ROM 2514), IM Gabriel Mateuta (ROM 2467), IM Gergely-Andras-Gyula Szabo (ROM 2512), IM Spas Kozhuharov (BUL 2433), IM Albert Vajda (ROM 2459), GM Andrei Murariu (ROM 2498), IM Marius Manolache (ROM 2504) and IM Csaba Berczes (HUN 2411) 6.5 points
11-17. Gabriel-Andrei Grecescu (ROM 2348), IM Ciprian-Costica Nanu (ROM 2509), FM Attila Szabo (ROM 2381), FM Dragan Dinic (SRB 2341), Daniel-Cosmin Tatarus and Silviu Nemes (ROM 2134) 6/9 and so on

(85 players)

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