Friday, June 01, 2007

MonRoi and Mig, and Borat

I can't understand why serious company, as MonRoi pretends to be, didn't put a "sorry about the delay" statement, disclaimer, or whatever on the page where the games are being transmitted. Why they don't work closer with the organizers in order to provide adequate technical conditions for the broadcast. It looks like they sent the gadgets somewhere to Oklahoma, to some technically illiterate person, to broadcast games for 50.000 audience, hoping for the best.

Instead of improving own performance, they sent men in black to hunt angry anonymous internet posters. Sorry... you deserved every single nasty comment.

MonRoi is now threatening legal actions against DailyDirt owner Mig Greengard. PR suicide and impudent attempt to prevent any kind of criticism. Even if Mig is a "jerk". Close all book/software review websites.

It is notable that Susan Polgar, who endorsed MonRoi products, but is also devoted DailyDirt reader, is staying out of the discussion. The usual copy-paste or "please, make up" policy would hardly please any of the sides involved. USCF board elections are on the next corner, better don't touch the hot potato. Nothing on the USCF website either.
Mig Greengard and DailyDirt ridiculing Canadians
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Anonymous said...

Here is a good story on the blog ethics. Mig Greengard recently made numerous false statements about the hotel in Stillwater, Canadians & MonRoi and posted them on his blog.

Mig posted false US Championship venue review, which would turn away any credible visitor-“This hotel is unkempt and dirty. The stairs are rotted out, none of the equipment in the exercise room worked. The sheets were dirty with crusty stains. The back stairs are rotted out and dangerous, the jacuzzi in our suite had mildew in all of the jets, no mattress pads on the beds..."

He falsely claims that Canadians dropped religion, that the Canadian dollar is worthless, that people from Canada are jerks (or viagras), and his “anonymous” blog users claim that Canadians have no right to speak, even when they are right.

MonRoi is a company based in Montreal, which sponsored the US Championship and publicized the chess players and organizers worldwide. MonRoi customer service received complains from clients related to Mig’s blog. When they informed Greengard that some of his blog posts are false and defamatory, he turned around and misled the readers that this was related to free speech on MonRoi products and that the company threatened him with a law suit. In fact, MonRoi just made him aware on the international laws - - free speech is protected and welcomed, but no law protects false speech or defamation.

Anonymous said...

In a time before history, in a place named Daily Dirty Blog Kingdom, a powerful and evil lord Miguron has brought together the forces of dirty blogging to recover his hurt ego. Miguron Chess Eye would destroy everyone with his piercing gaze in order to restore his power. He cried- I am the Lord, who dared to enter into MY chess kingdom, and who are those Elves from Montreal. And the story begins… What happened to Montreal Elves read in the next episode.

Anonymous said...

Me, you and Greeny

Welcome to the Play: Me, You and Greeny. The stage of this play is a cave called “Dirty Blogus”. And there is just one actor, named Mr. Greedy, ups, pardon Mr. Greeny. He said: “You trolls are in my cave so I assume you want to hear me. This is what I call freedom of speech: Elves are jerks, let’s burn them and after all Elves sucks because I sad so – Who is with me? Who is bloody with me? Those Elves are immortal and unchanging, and they sing terrible songs of beauty and wisdom. Sickening. Let’s burn them.”

You may ask yourself “why Elves sucks” in Mr. Greeny speech. The motive is a primitive one: Not ME but YOU. He is green, green and is promising You from now on: Me without Them. He pronounces Elves are puppets and starts bindings spells (for more info on Spellcasting consult wikipedia Welcome to the Muppet Show, in my Puppet Dirty State (

In his demagogic action: Let’s burn them” Let’s vanish them” Mr. Greeny publishes his pathetic, crying Article: MR, Me and You (read Let Me shit on You). He also opens several new email accounts, new blogs and makes up anonymous names to do his shity job easier. Greeny1, Greeny2, Greeny3 will all agree with him. Later he goes to relax and listen to his favorite orchestra called Manipulator (

He knows that his shoddy Do-Re-Me and You will rouse up O many emotions in people -- bigger kids like the shakers too. After all, Mr Greeny should immediately thank In the Dirty Puppet State to all people that he treated like Me Tarzan You Cheeta. How much is he paid for Let Me shit on You job. Is it at least good enough for the airfare to Paris and for one dress of Yves Saint Laurent for his wife?

I can’t understand why such an honest bloggy, as Mr. Greeny, didn’t put a simple disclaimer- “I need to make money to buy a new dress for my wife” and I am unemployed, on the page where he is daily shitting on all people. He should state: I am shitting on others because I am paid to do so. We would understand that, at least Shakespeare did: “Frailty, your name is women”. I mean this is well known from the ancient Greece: A proper wife should be as obedient as a slave. The female is a female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities - natural defectiveness (Aristotle).

Blogging me Blogging you and so Miguron, Mr. Greeny & Migee bacame a new video game, for which I am going to get myself copyrights. Get Green or Die Trying.

Anonymous said...

Well it is July 1st,2009!!!!!The world Open is on day 3 and it is 629PM EST. They have no games live, no past games and all the pages like pairings results, and other options show under construction. WTF , at least put someonething up about if and/or when you will have even a blog up giving one word of what is going on. As the SITE says - "Don't miss the worlds biggest open tournament" what a joke of a company, hopethey go belly up after bleeding their investors dry.