Thursday, July 12, 2007

Achieve a lot in your personal development

Ok, I borrowed this title from the BlogoSquare "About Us" page. This explains it why the popular website, mainly dealing with Wordpress blogging platform and other web 2.0 resources, digressed into "6 Games To Supercharge Your Brain".

"The main advantage behind playing chess is that you develop a critical mind at the same time. You learn to judge the value of each decision you make and each step you take, you learn to improvise and develop strategies on the go and at the same time think fast within a time limit if you are playing with a clock."

Other games listed: Sudoku, Go, Defense of the Ancients, Mastermind and Ogame. I've played Ogame, it's addictive and time consuming.

Don't limit yourself to reading the linked post only, browse around the BlogoSquare, lots of interesting items there.

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Yan said...

Thnx for this positive criticism on us. We try to appeal to the mass as possible. Thnx again. Do keep in touch. I'm a chess maniac and you seem to have a great blog about chess!