Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MonRoi Hiccuping

As reported earlier at the European U18 Team Championship website (now removed):



As you probably noticed, this is second day that it is not possible to broadcast game by "MonRoi" system.
Broadcast delay occurred because of mistake on server, and it is responsibility of "MonRoi" company.
Organizer of Championship provided all necessary conditions for regular broadcast.

Tournament Director
Vladimir Sakotic


Anonymous said...

Vladimir of Serbia (or Russia),

At telecom operators we cut access when bills are not paid. Did you pay to MonRoi for this server access? Just wondering…

Fan of Serbian Sliwowitz

Milan said...

As I understand, WIM Sava Kizova, MonRoi representive and ECU officer, was appointed tournament chief arbiter (or something similar). That's how MonRoi ended as live broadcast operator.

IM Sinisa Joksic believes that this announcement was clever maneuver to abandon live coverage when there was no public interest, as only 10 teams (and Europe is 50+ countries) participated in boys group. Nothing better in girls group.

Vladimir Sakotic, member of the ECU board, was tournament director. Some voices were heard that this was the only way for Subotica to be chosen as event host. It is still unclear if national chess federation knew about their application in the first place.