Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mainz Chess Festival Like Woodstock

German city of Mainz is hosting one of the world's most popular Chess Festival. For example, in the largest Ordix Open competition was attended by about 700 players. The most interesting thing is that the festival is called Chess Classic, although it appeals, so to speak, as highly "alternative". Judge for yourselves: the program includes contests in non-typical rapid and "Fischer chess".

However, all these alternative programs may as well become Classic in the future. Remember how almost forty years ago, under the village of Woodstock, a meeting of the entire color "counter" hippie movement took place. So who knows what will future bring for "Fischer Chess", but that rapid chess competitions are of much greater interest to viewers than chess "classic" - is already a reality.

This was a quick, roughly translated excerpt from GM Bator Sambuev's longer article (Russian).

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