Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Magnus Carlsen plays simul for GM Popovic

Magnus Carlsen and ICC community are organizing a fundraising simul at the Internet Chess Club to help Serbian GM Dusan Popovic in need of urgent medical treatment.

Excerpt from ICC newsletter:

In spite of his busy schedule, Magnus Carlsen has agreed to host a 30-board simul on ICC on August 11, starting at 14:00pm ET, to help a fellow player in need. Details will be coming soon on how you can bid on eBay to play in the simul, and also how you can play here in a qualifier on ICC for a few chekels to win a spot in the simul. You will also be able to donate a small sum to help the cause. For those playing in the simul, we will have lots of special "thank you" chess prizes. Watch this space - and please give generously!

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