Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Late Start

Kramnik was well aware that it is nearly impossible to turn the tables while trailing three points behind Anand in the World Championship match, but he expressed a hope that he could at least win one game. And he succeeded so in the 10th game to spoil the prepared coronation of the new/old King. Most of the commentators agree that his chances for overall win didn't improve much, but finally he scored much desired win.

The warning bells should have rung in game 9, when Anand, leading 5.5-2.5 took on Kramnik in one of the sharpest openings in modern chess. Kramnik not only handled the complications well but also, most importantly, stayed level on the clock with Anand and only a panic attack on move 35 gave the Indian a chance to squirm out with a draw.

Kramnik is famous for his World Championship come-backs but trailing 3-6 with three games to play looked too much even for him.
Yet in Game 10 Kramnik simply destroyed Anand; a quiet position turning bad with astonishing speed. "I didn’t do anything special," admitted Kramnik, "but the position became winning. It was a surprise."
Read GM Ian Rogers' blog on the uschess.org

Meanwhile, GM Adrian Mikhalchishin castigates Kramnik's team for the repeated loss in Meran defence.

Offtopic: After Youtube and Wordpress, the EU-candidate Turkey has Blogger banned as well. Update: the court has lifted the ban while awaiting further evidence.


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