Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scandal Meister

When there are no real scandals in this crazy chess world, Chessbase's big boss jumps in to make some out of nothing. We all remember the heated discussion on why is Great Britain fielding several teams in the qualifications for Football World/Euro Cup and how he enjoyed the mess that he created. He is also the man who sent the "video proof" of Topalov's cheating to Kommersant, but that circus didn't produce the anticipated effect because most of the people disregarded it as plainly stupid.

And now last week, being too lazy to update the website about all the events, he neatly pardoned himself with malicious comments about internet access in Kallithea, Chalkidiki. I didn't care about it until I stumbled to a Greek Chess Blog that shows at least 20 people using wireless internet at the hotel's reception.

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