Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Communist Invasion

I've seen many people in ICC channels wondering why are Wang Yue and Leinier Dominguez now constantly being invited to all top tournaments. Corus, Linares and next is Mtel Masters. And the common answer, joking or not, is "communist invasion". But they are simply strong and fresh faces. Other top players have had their turns, let's see some new guys in action.

Adding Chinese players, both Wang Yue and Bu Xiangzhi, certainly encouraged establishment of Nanjing Pearl Spring, another Grand Slam tournament. Leinier Dominguez is playing crazy chess, his Gruenfelds and Naidorfs are great to watch. Further, Karjakin and Grischuk have won their first big tournaments, earning tickets for the Bilbao Masters. Now it would be nice if Shirov wins Mtel Masters!

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