Monday, March 23, 2009

Lucrative Positions

It is good to be a chess politician or at least close to the high echelons. The "Regulations for the World Chess Cup 2009", which I downloaded earlier form the FIDE website but can't find the link again, list the obligations of organizers and players.

The article 3. 21. 2. Stipends says:
The following stipends are to be paid to the Principals of the World Cup

a) Chairman of the Appeals Committee USD 10,000
b) Three members of the Appeals Committee USD 21,000
c) Chief Arbiter USD 8,000
d) Deputy Chief Arbiter USD 6,000
e) Three Deputy Arbiters USD 9,000
f) Four Arbiters (Rounds 1 to 2) USD 8,000
g) Press Officer USD 5,000
h) Representative of FIDE Medical Commission USD 3,000

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