Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White

Eight years after his acclaimed "The Chess Advantage in Black and White", grandmaster Larry Kaufman is back with a completely new repertoire book, covering the entire scope of chess openings for both White and Black, in one tome.

Using the latest versions of top engines like Komodo and Houdini, the former Senior World Champion and computer expert has refined his analysis of ready-to-go and easy-to-digest lines almost to perfection.

His main new conviction is that 1.d4 gives White better chances of an advantage than 1.e4, and he has changed his recommendations accordingly.

Larry Kaufman has based his repertoire on sound, practical lines that do not outdate rapidly and are suitable for masters while accessible for amateurs. He regularly and successfully uses the openings he recommends himself.

The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White contains many improvements on existing opening theory and offers a good balance between narrative and variations.

GM Glenn Flear:
"Kaufman isn't fobbing the public off with Mickey Mouse sidelines (..) He keeps things simple, but lucid (..) The book serves a purpose and does this very well. For training purposes, I have been hunting for something like this for a while. Thanks, Mr Kaufman, my search is over!"

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